Laser master 2 - No shapes in your project set to output

my ortur lasermaster2 does not work. It did last night and today I cant get it to work. I get this message “You do not have any shapes in your project set to output”. I have looked thru the forum QA and looked to see if my settings are correct and all is good per the replies to others that have the same issue. Please help.

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A couple possible things are happening:

  • You have the ‘Output’ box in all your layers turned off
  • You have ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ enabled, but have nothing selected
  • All shapes are outside the bounds of the page, so they’re being skipped

Nope, I watched those videos and verified that and it is not the issue. Just before the stopage of laser, I always click frame to see if my media is in the correct place, before the stoppage it did a frame around my project and a dim laser light came on and it traveled around the frame until I stopped it… I was not cutting just a blue light.

Can you post a screen shot of your display so I can see what you have in your project? Capture the whole LightBurn window.

I had a similar message on a couple of recent new projects about no shapes in the project. I couldn’t do a “preview” or “frame” For some reason the 'output" box in the cut pane was not checked when I started a new project. Checking the box fixed it. Now, recent new projects start with the box checked as it did before so don’t know what causes that but it was a simple fix.

Those settings are remembered between projects. If the last project had that layer turned off and you started a new one without resetting that it would behave as you describe.

Got it. I had turned of a layer to only cut one at a time…learning something everyday. Thanks

These are my settings.

You haven’t selected a port for your laser, so it’s not connected yet. Here, where it says “Choose”:


That was this time, because I am always reloading it and forgot to pick the port. I picked it and still nothing

I reloaded the driver and set it to a port. and now it is running back and forth in a straight line but not strong enough to cut

its just blue laser tracing the pattern.
screen shot of the settings is attached.

my laser quit cutting :frowning: but it does frame with a blue laser on my laser master2 can anyone help me?

They lied about the power of the diode. Depending on how long you have been running it, the diode could have burned out.

When they pump up a 5W (or less) diode to approximate the output of a 15W diode (of which there is no such thing), they do it by putting much more power than the diode is rated for, and if their heatsink can’t extract all that excess heat, the diode breaks down - in some cases in as little as a few hours of use.

Unless a ‘laser’ has multiple diodes, be very sceptical about anything rated above 7W, as that is (IIRC) the highest-powered laser diode currently in production, anywhere in the world.

You can replace the faulty diode easily enough with a Nichia NUBM44 or NUBM47 and an appropriately high-quality driver.

is there any thing I can do to verify the laser is bad. I purchased this last month.

The fine print on most of these is that they’re rating the input power, not the optical output. There are a few that will pulse the laser to that high power level, and run a 50% duty cycle instead. The former don’t die as quickly.

Some of the Ortur systems were shipped with a firmware bug. Try setting the power to 25% and see if that produces a brighter output. If it does, you probably got one of the boards with the bug, and would need to update the firmware. It’s possible to do with a Mac, but much easier from a PC.

Thx for the response, but how do I do it on a Mac?