Laser misalligning

Hi. been using lightburn for nearly 2 years so not a newbie. lately if I try to engrave on a 300x200 slate, the image is engraved approx 5mm lower than it should be, even though it frames correctly or if i use move laser to it goes to correct place. any ideas why this has just started happening? many thanks

I suspect you have a work offset configured.

Previous Ortur Firmware versions seemed to pick up the offset on occasion.
Are you running the most current Firmware for your device?

You can poll the engraver and see which firmware you have by entering $i in the Console window in LightBurn.

Entering $# in the console window will report the configuration of the coordinate systems.
If you copy and paste that report here we may see the offset.

I recommend this link to our more experienced laser diode users.

Would dependon the machine, OLM2 original dont have this issue as such

Could you type
in console
Then home machine
press enter
Post output here so we can see please?

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