ORTUR LASER MASTER 2 PRO S1 & S2 Firmware update

Current Advisories :

15-Dec-21 - Status Final - Strongly Recommended

Firmware Update

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S1 - 1.75 Firmware Update
Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 - 1.87 Firmware Update


Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro 1.5 Series update should be dropping next days too.

OLM2 1.4 series will also recieve a firmware update, its ready we just trying to pace ourselfs. 1.42 will launch with only 2 small housekeeping changes.

Few important aspects in the Change logs which i recomend everyone to read
a) The flame sensor will now be by default disabled. Although the sensor works as intended, the variables on UV light exposure on each user envorioment been causing users more agro than benefits. Ortur decided to disable the sensor allowing user to - when they get familiar with the machine enable it back by using the console code $261=70.
The 70 value was what ortur found to be optimal, however it is possible to tweak this value to avoid false positives. THe higher the more UV flicker is necessary to trigger the sensor.

b) Gsock sensor. Many users been also experiencing false positives on the Shock & Motion sensor. The New firmware updates loosened the sensor quite a bit to only make the machine stop on a strong bump.
Most users were finding their machines triggering on more dense vector graphics, obviously although is an important security feature it should not cause more problems than solve.

We do recomend a deep dive into the change log as this firmware been through a severe process of fine tune and bug fixing.

I would apreciate also that you guys went over the included documentation and verify and report back if the update process causes any issues.

CHANGE LOG for 1.75 and 1.87 Versions


  • Flame Sensor Default State changed from Enabled to Disabled. Users can Enable Flame Sensor by typing $261=70 in console window and press Enter.
  • Reduce Shock & Motion sensor sensitivity to 400, reduce false triggering on Vector Graphics Engraving. Default $262=400;


  • Fixes bug in Laser Exposer Detection, which would cause the sensor to trigger between passes at slow engraving/cutting speeds;
  • Fix $22 default from 43 to 1, Avoiding -397 -397 Values when homing with $22=1;
  • Fix the bug that causes a imediate shuts down after power up, under the circunstances machine been turned off for several hours;
  • Fix bug on $262 is set to 0. $262 set to zero will disable shock sensor, instead of making it hyper sensitive.
  • Fix bug on G92 offset table to become permanent and resist $RST=* and power cycle. Now G92 G56 tables are volatile.
  • Fix Bug on floating point precision causing Motion errors and false Alarm 2 errors.


  • Added Unique Serial Number to each motherboard. Example: [SN: F2CB5D6807F4F47F03DFD01AF9258FFB];
  • Optimize User Feedback if Machine Power on attempted with Emergency Button Engaged (red-blue LED alternate flash);
  • Add $268 Grbl Setting - Enable / Disable Echo Debug On Console (Default 0) [Incompatible with LightBurn Versions Under 1.0.0];
  • Add $269 parameters to output Voltage and Current output. Allowing diagnostics on input power source;
  • Add $270 parameter to set the baud rate of offline screen communication (default 512000)
  • Add Overvoltage and UnderVoltage Protection If voltage detected above 29v or under 19v:
    If Input voltage is missing:
    [MSG:Power Supply Problem:0V.Check TroubleShooting Section in User Manual.]
    IF Input voltage is under 19v. Example user applys 12v power adapter, machine will NOT work
    [MSG:Power Supply Problem:xxV.Check TroubleShooting Section in User Manual.]
    IF Input voltage is Over 29v. Example user applys 48v power adapter, machine will NOT work
    [MSG:No Power Supply:xxV.Check TroubleShooting Section in User Manual.]

Hi Gil,
i can’t update to 175 because error “file ESP_OLM2_PRO_S1_175.bin is too big for destination file system”
I think it’s not a problem related to laptop hw/sw because i have updated from 170 to 172 without any problem, please can you check the dowloadable 175 bin file is right?

thank you so much



Please redowload file or rename the bin file from ESP_OLM2_PRO_S1_175.bin to OLM2_PRO_S1_175.bin

That should do the trick

Ok perfect!
I have updated the firmware to 175 just now,
thank you again

How can I know the exact model I have?
It is a 2 Pro with the focus fixed 2-4, I imagine it would be Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro - OLF 1.5 series, right? With this one, would you update it?

Connect to lightburn
In console
Type $i
press enter
Check OLF version
Should be 15x, 17x or 18x
This defines the variant

I have the lm2 pro running on win 11 - I pressed the button for 5 sec and the tapped the reset to put it in firmware upgrade mode but all I keep getting is a window that pops up with a drop box logo for camera upload

Ignore the drop box → go to This PC > ortur laser drive is there

Impossible to upgrade !

I have a PROM2S2 and I am stuck in the 1.85 …

All works pretty well (also some glass success…)

I will wrote a complete review, but I need some more tests…

In upgrade mode, from Linux Ubuntu (MINT) I copy the .bin (187) and stay in 1.85 at the next power up !

Any advice ?
Thanks in advance

Still no success with 3 different computers !

En attende de connexion...
[ORIGIN: China]
[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2]
[OLF: 185]
[DATE:22:44:33 - Oct 25 2021]
Target buffer size found

No success of my tries to go to the latest and necessary 1.87 !
I am stucked in 1.85 and need sometimes to reset settings and force to disable the fire detection and the movement detection…