Laser moving to a different location on second layer


I have been reading through here for the last couple of weeks but cant seem to get passed an issue I am having.

using absolute coordinates my first layer frames and engraves fine but then the second layer cuts in completely the wrong place. I turn off the laser rehome it manually ask it to frame again and its a location no where near by design.

Can you upload the file?

Sara.lbrn2 (495.7 KB)

This is my latest attempt first one cut fine but the second was off

This is why it doesn’t cut correctly.

What version of Lightburn are you using?

ok now we are getting somewhere why does it look right when i open it :thinking:

version 1.5.01

So is mine.
this is some kind of bug.

ok so weird thing is we also installed it on my husbands laptop and pulled up this file and it looks fine.

This is a small update to address a single issue: Cached images could flip orientation when reloading, depending on machine origin and the image orientation.

This is the only change in this release, so if you’ve installed 1.5.00 you should update to this version.

If you have files that flipped images, just select them, press H or V to flip horizontally or vertically to correct the orientation, and resave.