Laser not as strong when moving along X-axis, after hooking up Y-axis Rotary

Hello, I recently hooked up the Y-axis rotary attachment for my Ortur Laser Master 20W, and when I go to engrave, it appears that as soon as the laser travels solely along the X-axis, that the power drops significantly for some reason. That is, if I engrave the number “2” for example, everything would engrave fine, except for the 2 flat parallel lines at the bottom of the figure would be extremely faint. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Please see video at link to see the issue I am attempting to describe:

The file being ran is a simple 1" x 1" square, at 0.5% laser power. notice the laser power drops significantly when making moves along the X-axis. I’ve inspected the G-code and confirmed it’s not a setting within LightBurn that is causing the power to drop during moves along a specific axis

Any thoughts?