Laser not Burn on wood

My laser don’t work with light burns … other software is ok.
It start, laser on but is too low for burn the wood … ( I have change in layer the power but 100 or 10 is not change )

I have 7000mw diode and with other software it burn at 20% power …

From your forum profile: “Machines - CNC homemade”, this does not help. Please update with technical information so we don’t have to ask each time you have a question.

I can not offer you anything but questions at this point, as you have not really shared anything other than it is not working as you’d expect. Please provide more about what you have, what you are using to run it, what you have tried, and what are the results.

Operation System both Mac and Win64
Firmware Grbl 1.1
Laser 7000mw
Yesterday the software burns correctly , today same project not burns.
If i use lasergrbl or engrave master laser work fine.

If i add bottom for start laser manually in the ( laser layer ) work and at 20% burn correct.

When i play project laser work , light is ok but not burns ( is low low power ) but i set power at 100 !

Yesterday i burns correct with laser at 40

Thanks for the update but we also need the letter that follows the “grbl 1.1”. This is a very important bit for having things work as you’d expect.

Also, type $$ into the console and paste the entire output here for review.

Grbl 1.1f

Is strange one day work day after don t work …

Not so strange at all. There are lots of settings that affect GRBL, because it has variable power, and LightBurn uses that by default, where other software, like LaserGRBL, uses constant power. The difference is that if you ask your machine to go faster than it is limited by the firmware settings, the controller will reduce the power output to compensate for the slower speed. In constant power mode it doesn’t do this.

What are the per-axis maximum speeds in your firmware settings? Type $$ (enter) in the console and look for $110 and $111 - these are in mm/minute.

If you tried to send a job to the controller that goes faster than what those numbers are set to, the controller will reduce the laser output. For example, if your maximum speed is 3000 mm/min, and you asked for 6000 mm/min, the laser output would be reduced by 50% because the laser can only go 50% as fast as you requested.

Check that first and let us know.

Yes the problem is change meter of speed, now is setting with mm/s before is mm/min

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