Laser not connecting to Lightburn after working for months

I have a Fox Alien 4040 that has been working great on Lightburn for the past 3 months since I got it. I’m new to this whole thing but have learned alot in the past couple months. I got home today to continue doing some work and the laser would not accept commands from my computer.

It had started over the past couple projects to stop randomly in the middle of a sketch and i would have to restart the sketch. Now it will not even show up in Lightburn and I’m not sure what to do. I have restarted both my laptop and the engraver. Cleaned all the hardware (it was dusty on the computer module. Checked all connections and they are clean.

All I get in Lightburn is “Waiting for Connection” and before I restarted it would say something like “(”$" for help)

Any help would be much appreciated, trying to finishing our wedding invitation :confused:

Trying again this morning and i got it to trace but then went back to doing the same thing.
When i try and send a job to the laser it either do not respond at all, says “GRBL 1.1h [’$” for help] or a pop up comes up saying “There was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused.”

Thank you for posting this. We have seen when Windows does an update, this can cause issues with the driver used to communicate with your laser. You have not said which OS you are running, so this is a guess worth investigating.

This is also worth review: Connection Issues - LightBurn Software Documentation

I’m running Windows 10 Home version 20H2. I did just try the USB disable and that was enabled, now it is disabled and still no luck after a device restart.

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