Laser not cutting accurately

I’m curious to know if anyone knows what is going on here.

I’ve recently been doing some inlay work and noticed a problem when I was working out the kerf. it appears that it isn’t cutting the circles the same. No matter how many I cut they don’t match. Here’s a picture to illustrate what I mean.

I’m using a chinese red 80w with linear rails

Might want to give us an idea of how they are off and how much. Can’t really see the picture that well.

Is this a first time issue with this?

How tightly did you do your calibration? A little 100mm square, or as big of a sheet as you could fit? The larger the square, the more accurate your calibration.

Which kind of Machine do you use ?
If you use a CO2-Laser, it’s a calibration issue.
If you use a Diaode-Laser, it’s caused by the rectangular beam shape - that’s exactly why I asked for an laser-beam shaped offset possibility to eliminate this issue. (Laser-beam shaped path offset question

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