Laser Not Cutting just scoring

I think if you want response time then a 100 watt for an 80 would probably be ok. You have to be able to adjust the lps.

One of the reasons a 100 watt tube is probably not good for something a 40 watt does, as it’s hitting the material at 100 watts instead of 40.

I think these tubes are pretty tough, as most of these are simply over driven and seem to last > 2 years.

If you want to maintain control over the supply you can’t ask it to change states faster than it’s electrically able. So a higher dpi should be possible, at the same speed.

I’ve hung a scope on across the mA meter and I still don’t know my response time :frowning:

Got some parts, trying to make a current probe for the scope. I’m hoping it will give me a better idea of what’s going on…


I think he’s going too fast**, and as a new user, calculating the tube power is causing confusion is the point I’m trying to make. OP is adjusting the % power on his controller key pad as well as sending a % power from LightBurn.

** at least I think. His focus is fine… I don’t get inch/s I have no experience of it.

He screen shot you posted. Is that in inches per minute? If so you are trying to cut way too fast.

My 100 watt I cut at 25mm/s at 21 Milliamps.

Which is less than an inch per second.

How is your air flow over where the beam contacts the wood? The laser cannot cut through smoke.

How many passes are you making, once you got the power to vary? The correct speed has been mentioned by a few people already, so I’ll assume you’re running some tests there too.

Make sure you are running the current update of lighburn, since there have been some power level issues recently.

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