Laser not cutting on correct corridinates

Using S1 with the correct file for lightburn. But now it is not cutting where it is supposed to and where it shows on the screen is not where it frames it is off by some amount.
this is what it is spitting out…
M2099 V40.32.009.2224.01 B4
M15 A0 S3
M53 C0
M1109 A0.004 B27.004 C0.800 D25.482 E58.000
M360 S1.071
M116 X0 Y40 B1 P0 L0
M1098 “”,“”,“V40.208.001.3D28.01 B13”
M110 X1Y1
M222 S1
M222 S3
M116 X0 Y40 is this why? if so how do I fix it because that is not what my settings say…

Screenshot 2024-07-10 131705

Any ideas??


Your profile says “D1”, but if it’s really an “S1”, then you should try the LightBurn 1.7 beta to fix some XTool jank: