Public Beta Release - LightBurn 1.7.00 for xTool S1 and BSL lasers

We have early view of LightBurn 1.7.00, specifically for xTool S1 and BSL Galvo lasers! This adds support for BSL Devices, as well as the xTool S1 improbements.

This version was updated on April 30th to address MacOS connection issues.


Super, vielen Dank!

Soll der S1 dann einfach manuell hinzugefügt werden?

Dann ist der Autofokus und ähnliches nicht mehr vorhanden.

Great, thank you very much!

Should the S1 then simply be added manually?

Then the autofocus and the like is no longer available.

Hi Colin,
Thanks very to you and all the team who are working on this, its very much appreciated. I wiil test and give you feedback in due course.
Cheers, Steve Jones.

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Der Air-Assist wird im Auto-Modus leider nicht mehr unterstützt.

Auch die Vorschau der Zeit funktioniert nicht.

Wenn ein Job beendet ist, hör auch der Lüfter vom Laserkopf nicht auf zu laufen, bis man die Haube öffnet.

Unfortunately, Air-Assist is no longer supported in Auto mode.

The time preview does not work either.

When a job is finished, the fan of the laser head does not stop running until the hood is opened.

Could you provide some details on what issues should be addressed by this build? Is it things like the diagonal cut lines across projects?

@JoeSpanier will have more context than I here - but yes, the diagonal lines, general communication issues, air assist, and I believe rotary is also working in this release for the S1.

BSL lasers are also supported with this release, you’ll need to import the config into LightBurn.


This version work with .cor files of seacad?

Still in beta, so there may be issues that still need work, yet one of the other testers has offered:

Best to download the beta and test this in your environment to confirm for your use case. :slight_smile: Please let us know how you progress.

Ok, good. I have more BSL card, dbk21b, dbk22b, dbk4b(cards like a dbk21 but with lan control), dbk2jj.


i have an Atomstack M4 laser, which is supposed to work with SeaCAD. I can’t get it to work with the Lightburn 1.7.00 BETA version. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Installed Lightburn version 1.7.00.
  2. Connected the laser with USB, found it, and loaded the “BslCAD.cfg” file that has settings from SeaCAD. (With versions before 1.7.00, the laser isn’t even detected)
  3. Checked the settings as best as I could and compared them with the settings in SeaCAD.

However, I’m still facing some odd behavior:
As soon as I start Lightburn and turn on the laser, it wants to start lasering right away.
Lightburn keeps flashing the message “Start Marking triggered, but no layers set to output” continuously.

Also, if I draw anything on the workspace, it immediately tries to start lasering.
I can’t stop the process; the STOP button in Lightburn doesn’t work anymore.

The only thing that stops it is turning off the power. It doesn’t laser what it’s supposed to, but instead keeps lasering a small triangle at what seems to be full power.
The console on the right side in Lightburn, which usually shows information when I’m working with my GCODE laser, is just empty.

I know this is a BETA, but maybe this information can help the developers, or perhaps someone else has an idea?

Thanks and regards.

The console will never show anything, because there’s no human readable communication between this machine and LightBurn, and it doesn’t accept GCode commands, so that’s expected.

The ‘Start Marking’ behavior sounds like you have an IO pin set to trigger marking, and it’s on. Go to Edit > Device Settings (or press F3) and look at the Ports page for the Start Marking setting. If it’s not set to “None” change it to that. I just got an AtomStack M4 here, so I can see if it works here.



Yes, that looks good, so simple and so effective. Seems to be working.
Thank you for that!

Here my Settings:

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Doesn’t work with bsl cards like dbk21b. In Mac os is not connected, in windows its connected but(framing), galvos dont move. Maybe work with small cards.

Does the guide lines really need to default to 20 meters ? or is this a case of an extra zero slipping in ? Cant say that I have have heard of anyone making a Laser 20m in X or Y.

JoeSpanier can you please explain what have ben made in this release? Specifically to rotary, how to set it up?

Guidelines are supposed to be “infinite” because they are guides for layout and not really intended to be used for normal lines.

Is this causing an issue somehow?

The S1 changes are covered here:

Try to keep questions there so they are easier to track. Let me know if there’s anything odd. I put a lot of testing in but I’m sure I didn’t get everything.

No, no problem just curious about size, initially it seemed overkill to me even if you were using Print and Cut. It turned out person I was assisting had Selected everything (including Toolpath) and moved to a single layer, and couldn’t work out why the job was going out of bounds when trying to frame. the job was roughly 6" square in middle of work bed, They kept insisting that it was only a reasonably simple vector and nothing else…until I connected remotely and could see what they had done.

well that’s certainly a case we didn’t expect haha.

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Thank you!!! I have been waiting for months for this! I downloaded 1.7 and upgraded my license… it is working perfectly with my Mr Carve S4 Galvo laser with a BSL card. No more BSLAppsimple! So much better. Doing a happy dance. I have tested with the materials card in LB and with some slate coasters… works perfectly so far!