Laser Not Cutting Same Path on 2nd Pass ONLY IN LIGHTBURN

xTool D1 10 watt not cutting in same place, on one side, during 2nd pass. I’m trying to cut out squares to measure kerf offset but the laser is not cutting in the same place on the left side of the square during the second pass. When I run the same cut in the native xTool Software (XCS) it cuts perfectly. Issue only observed in Lightburn. This just started occurring today when I started a new project.

This is most often caused by lost motion.

Because the settings and the language are different between the xTool XCS language and GCode that LightBurn uses we can’t make a comparison directly.

Please share some pictures of what you’re seeing. It would be helpful.

If the accelerations and speed settings are set too high, the position can be lost during a jarring or sudden move.

The other common cause of lost motion is the head of the laser engraver hitting the frame. Even a small bump can lose position.

What speed and % Power have you selected for your project in LightBurn.

Does the project proceed at the same speed between LightBurn and XCS?

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