Laser not cutting to scale

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I am new to Lightburn and I am using a EleksMaker A3 5W machine. when I try and engrave anything it comes out much to large. For example a 4 x 4 cm square drawn with Lightburn it has the dimensions 124 x 125 cm. I have tried looking at this forum and Google for an answer but no luck so far. Can anyone help me?

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This comes up often:

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Thanks for answering, that makes sense. The problem is that I don’t know where I can find the controller step size or even the controller…

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I have been digging in the Internet and it would seen that I need to change the values $100, $101, and $102. I tried that using the console of Lightburn but the values stayed the same (checked with $$).

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So, finally nailed it! Downloaded UGS (Universal G Code Sender) and Java 1.8. Started UGS and changed $100, $101 and $102 values. Now the laser is spot on. Thanks for putting me on the right track.

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You should be able to use the console in LightBurn too - Typing $100=50 in the console, and pressing enter, should change that field. If you use the Edit > Machine Settings window you just have to click “Write” when you’re done to commit the changes back to the controller.

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