Laser on but does not mark wood, cardboard or plastic

Vigotec VG-L3A frame ( )
With 450nm / 550mw diode lase.(

Controller board markings CNC-01 V2.0 170708

I have viewed the videos & read the introduction document

I have tried the settings I can find sp
$30 & S-value max = 255

But I cannot even mark cardboard, plastic or wood.

I am sure I am missing something very basic, point me at some documentation?

Many thanks


I have also enabled the fire button in the Move window.

Regardless of the setting the intensity of the laser does not change and nothing gets marked.

I have tried 1000 & 2555 settings for $30 and made sure spindle speed had the same value.

I have tried $32 at 0 & 1

The only thing I cannot find confirmation for is the use of the rotary control on top of the laser, it is like on on off switch when on the laser intensity stays the same wherever it is turned


Well silly me. I thought as the frame laser and leads were from the same source they would be wired correctly, wrong.

So I made a text file listing the pin outs for the laser and controller, then the way the lead was wired and found the flaw, Carefully extracted the wires that needed to be swapped and Bob’s your uncle

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