Testing Lightburn, Brought laser head from ebay, no light emitting

Basically brought a laser head from ebay brand new, connected it up, fired up lightburn it moves fine, LED on the laser head appears but no laser light is being emitted no idea is it’s a software issue or if the laser head itself is faulty.

Any help will be appreciated, this has been frustrating as waited a month for the laser to be delivered.

EDIT: found the control board marking Controller board markings CNC-01 V2.0 170708
Vigotec VG-L3A frame

This guy seems to have ran into the same if not similiar issue Laser on but does not mark wood, cardboard or plastic

tough have no idea what his solution was.

I fixed the issue, the control board has the positive and yellow the wrong way so i swapped the wires around and it now works. Can now engrave!

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