Laser on during framing

Hello all,

is there a way to have a laser on at low power during framing operation? I’m using semiconductor laser with RDC6445G.


Does it not work when you hit “shift”+ frame?

Hi LaserWillie,

No, that worked when I was using gcode controller. With Ruida selected, ‘Enable laser fire button’ is missing in device settings.


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Correct, this option is not made available for your type of laser. This is a safety issue. We do not allow this for a CO2 based laser, as the beam is not visible to the human eye and could cause serious danger to the operator. Most CO2 systems have a red-dot pointer to help with job-to-material alignment.


The simplest option for you with a DSP controller will be to draw a box around your shapes, set that to the power and speed you want, then select that shape and use the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ option to only run that one.

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Thanks all.

I would understand the safety aspect of it if it wasn’t for the controller having a ‘Pulse’ button that turns the laser on for as long as I hold it down. I really like Oz’ idea, though, perhaps I can send the rectangle as a separate file that I can then run from the controller.

Thanks all for quick responses!


Pulse is used for a different purposes. Such as mirror alignment. :slight_smile:

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