Laser power is much less then light burn says

I have an xtool 5w laser and use light burn. Everything has worked fine then I booted it up today having not used it for the past week or so and even though I have the laser at 100% on light burn it is very clear the laser is not firing at full power? What’s am I doing wrong

Check behavior in XCS. Do you get the same behavior? If so, likely something going on with the hardware.

Common things to check:

  1. power supply is functioning properly
  2. cables are undamaged and properly connected. Check connector ends.

What is the xcs

XCS is xTool’s native software to control the laser.

Found here:
xTool Creative Space

So I did now the laser doesn’t even turn on but everything else still runs properly

Can you elaborate? What is working if the laser doesn’t power on?

If the machine is not turning on then I’d suggest checking power first.

So everything work fine but like the literal laser module is not emitting light

But only only on XCS light burn it was still working however even though I had it set to 100% laser was like really week

I’m having a hard time following what you’re saying.

You’re saying in XCS the machine can move but there’s no light from the laser at all?

But in LightBurn everything is fine but you get a weak light?

If that’s the case then almost certainly something hardware related. I’d suggest checking the items I listed aboved. You may want to try reseating the connectors for the laser module just to make sure that’s not a problem.

Yes that is the issue and I’ll give it a shot

So tryed it and it still isn’t working I’ve unplugged virtually everything and plugged it back in

Did you check that you’re getting proper voltages from power supply? Do you have an alternative power supply you could try?

And if I don’t have another power what is the next course of action

If you want I can send a video

Video is not necessary at this point.

Do you have a voltmeter or multi-meter that you could use to test the power supply? If you do, would also be good to check that the cables are not damaged.

Hmmmm that didn’t work either is it broken

What did not work?

Changing cords and testing with multimeter the meter read normal

Some other potential tests:

  1. Check continuity of all wires on the cable
  2. Check PWM voltages from controller. Power at 0% power should be between around 0.03 to .05V power at 20% power should be around 0.66 to 1V

If both of these pass then laser module likely bad. If you’re not getting proper PWM voltage then possibly issue with the controller.

It’s still possible that the power adapter is failing at load but it doesn’t seem as likely.

I’ll work on it I greatly appreciate your help