Laser power speed, and greyscale

Still plugging away. I don’t know why, but I want to understand laser power speed settings. Following tutorial from James Dean Design “Laser power, speed and greyscale tests”. I have ten layers and from left to right columns are set from column 1 at 10% through column 10 at 100%.Image below shows my Preview screen. Second image shows Shape Properties window. I have the Power Scale set to 20.000.
Preview Screen

Preview of Shape Properties for C07. Shouldn’t Power Min (%) be 70 also?

I might suggest adding this to the learning tool box. One of our nice members produced this site with tools to automate the initial building of these test files.

LightBurn Test Generators - Lightburn PowerScale Generators - O2 Creative

Once you have built a couple from this, you can compare against your hand built ones, side by side, to see what is happening. You will be able to use the auto-generated file as a guide.


The tool was great. Thank you for introducing it :revolving_hearts:

Thanks, I will be busy checking it out!

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Nice ! Thx