Laser questions

Does anyone have a Laguna laser C02 150w. I’m having a hard time reading articles and remarks from different lasers and settings.

Jennifer Is it a newer laguna or an older one? The older ones were rebranded Bodor machines and I have a bodor

newer, we just got it in 2019

Sorry my response is so late, been non-stop running trying to figure out the machine. I have a ton of questions… but my biggest one currently is speed. For instance I am running my engraving on wood at 350 speed and 30% power. How far up can I adjust the speed. Someone commented on a post that my speed could def go up because of the type of machine I have. At one point I ran a design on a peice of glass at 850 speed and the machine was jetting back and forth and I just felt like it was too fast. But, I also have no clue what it’s all supposed to run like.

I engrave wood at 225 to 275 at 65 power (20Ma) get a great finish in a decent time and am not pushing the machine. What Fl lens do you have?

20mm. Focal length of 50.8mm

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