Laser Rotary Problem

could the rotary enable disable be the wrong way round if the wiring is wired wrongly eg when its disabled its enabled and vice versa



Following - Still trying to get my rotary working properly and trying to read everything I can.

a bit more information, we have two lasers here ready to go out to customers and we have tried to get the rotary function working.

Firstly when we disable the rotary function and plug the rotary in the laser fires, and the rollers turn, but this is just mimicking the Y Axis data, as if we were still in flatbed mode with no rotary plugged in. when we enable rotary in the software nothing happens, rollers wont turn laser wont fire at all.
Any help would be appreciated.


ok weve got a bit further, it seems the rotary function will only work when sending a file to the machine, rather downloading i mean sorry so we have the laser firing and cutting on the x axis only, the Y axis thats controlling the rollers isnt functioning, but when i go to test on the rotary setup screen it does x and y, but not from the file only x, anybody got any ideas please


Your profile says Ruida. What model number?

Ruida RDC6445G

If you enable rotary on the RDC6445G with current firmware (V15.01.22) then the output for the rotary stepper is on the U axis, not the Y. If you want to use the Y axis output by replugging motors, then don’t enable rotary.

See the thread where I had a related issue here

thank you very much Mike for that response youve saved me a big headache, i just need to know how to connect the rotary.

At the moment the rotay has a 5 pin connector with two pins connected together to form a circuit for the relay and 3 motor wires, do i just connect this direct into the U-axis on the Ruida controller and then it will ignore the relay, and then enable the rotary in lightburn?

It depends…

a. If the relay is switching the motor outputs after the stepper driver then you don’t have a driver on the U axis. In that case I suggest you plug in the rotary but DON’T enable the rotary setting in either Lightburn or the Ruida, leave them in the normal setting. Now the Y axis will drive the rotary. You will have to do the math yourself on motor steps or scale the object accordingly.

b. If the relay is switching the pulse and direction feeds from the Ruida before they go to the stepper driver and the rotary has its own driver, then what you suggest is correct. Connect the rotary drivers (not the motor itself) to the U axis outputs.

i think i will have to get a driver unit for the rotary, as we sell these machines to our customers and me expecting them to do the maths is a no no. Also setting up a driver and wiring one in is going to be a pretty big ask for me, ill have to have a look round as to how it can be done, although if Ruida know about this, i would have thought a firmware update could have sorted it, but thanks very much again for your help

also ive downloaded the update now to use the U axis for the rotary instead of moving bed on U-Axis, now for the wiring do i install my relay switch before the driver? but if doing that do i then need another relay after the driver to do the switching from the rotary port from the Y axis motor, then when the rotary is plugged in it will change over to U-axis via a relay, then through the driver, then another Relay that works in tandem with the first one to change output

I have installed another driver and aviation plug, so I don’t have to unplug the Y axis

Paul how have you got it wired? also have you installed the patch for the rotary U-axis on the controller


ok thanks to these forums Mike and Paul fo rtheir input we have now got it sorted, we took another Y-Axis controller off any machine and hooked it up to the laser as U-axis and then connected the Y axis back through the relay and disconnected the relay switch wire, so now all 4 axis are functioning and this si good as it alows the Y Axis to function and get to user origin set, and we dont get the frame slop error. really happy now just got two customers machines to sort and update and we are done.



Sorry I missed your posts yesterday, I have done the exact same thing, installed an extra dedicated rotary driver on the U axis. That’s absolutely the best way to do it, everything will behave logically as your customer expects. Good job for going the extra mile!

Hi Mike, yes this is the way to go i am just ordering some more driver units for these other machines i have in, i suppose the bonus as well, is having the Y axis still under full control allows you set the machine exactly where you want it in relation to the rotary and we dont seem to be getting as many or if any frame slop errors.

also this seems to be a big problem with the ruida 6445g controller as when you do a search there are a lot of people experiencing the same problem with rdworks as well.


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