Laser Rotary Roller

Start off with my terrible spelling it might not be correct sometimes.
This is the first time I’ve posted and I don’t see any place to put a custom topic.

1# like to work on light burn in the morning when I’m having my morning coffee and then move the file over to the shop off the server. But I cannot seem to get rid of that device menu and get it to go away so I can work on my morning project.

2# we just like to know are all Laser Rotary Roller compatible.
We like the design of this particular unit because I can switch it forward or backwards on the mounting bracket and it has the capability of doing coffee mugs and all types of different glasses purchase two of them is what I would like to do so that I don’t have to take it apart all the time have one forward one back. I’d like to know if it’s compatible with my unit or any other units that I might purchase in the future I know that there’s a cable and it looks like most of the connectors use are same type. I know that I purchased a Adam stack roller and then it had two cables that came with it one was a white and one was a black at the end of the connector I have not taken the time yet to tone out the connector but I would like you to have capability of switching rollers for different projects between different machines. I do not want to cause a conflict with that piece of equipment.

This is the one that I really like.
This is the newest one that’s coming in soon as a gift from my friend.

Ortur Laser Master 3 Laser Engraving Machine 20,000mm/min 10W LU2-10A

This new unit has a nice function you can switch between that Y access without disconnecting any cables.

This is the first one that I purchased. It is great for engraving but not so good for cutting. ORTUR Laser Master 2 S2 LU2-2, 24V Laser Engraver.

I also have the X Tool D1 this is purchased by a friend of mine that has no technical experience so it looks like I’m going to be stewing some of his projects for him his has the capability doing the roar as well and I would like to go to use the roller that is normally used with this particular machine.

In the long-term I just need to know our all rollers compatible and can the connectors be modified where the pin configuration be adjusted for each machine if any anybody knows the wiring diagram for the pins I would appreciate that thanks. ‘‘In technology we trust to protect and serve’’

I assume you’re talking about for a fresh installation? If so, LightBurn requires you setup a device to use LightBurn as there are device dependent factors for the basic functioning of LightBurn. Just create a dummy device that matches what you have in the shop. You can even export the device configured on the shop install and import into morning coffee computer.

In principle most rotaries should be able to be made to work with most lasers. Some make this easier than others. Initial hurdle is having the right connector. Next hurdle is configuring the rotary. If you get a rotary not specifically made for your laser there will likely be fewer people using that combination so support may be harder to get.

Having said that, the xTool RA2 Pro notes that their rotary should work with Ortur lasers:
xTool RA2 Pro: World’s Most Versatile Rotary for Laser Engraving

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