Laser skipping part of my design

Why would the laser be doing this?

Boss LS1630
Lightburn software

Doing what? We could assume, but the details from you are important here. :slight_smile:

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Well I uploaded a picture but it clearly didn’t actually upload :slight_smile:

Looks fine to me except being upside down. Maybe if you showed the original artwork for comparison we could see what the failure is.

The picture did upload, I can see it. What in particular am I to suppose? You say, “Why would the laser be doing this?”, yet offer no words to describe what “this” is.

Is there a reason you are not providing words to help us understand what you are not having work as you’d expect?

I’m assuming it’s the incomplete outer border under the word ‘Productions’ only a guess though !

Thank you wanting to assist. :slight_smile:. We want to avoid this as much as possible, and there is little need for assuming. We just need a bit more help from the OP to understand what they expected to go along with the result they post.

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Sorry Rick, I will take that on board … was only trying to help.

No apologies required, but thank you. It is always better to have the data from the poster, so we are sending them in the correct direction. All good. :slight_smile:

I totally see where you are coming from. All is good :+1:

SO not to be rude but by the topic of the post “Laser Skipping Part of my Design” should be able to see that a portion of the design missing, which a Mooseuk discussed but was told not to assume, I am sorry but I rarely use this board unless of a need I can’t figure out and I just feel like we I just got my hand slapped for not being precise enough when the photos are clearly not uploading correctly and so did Mooseuk for asking . This should be a place that we are encouraged to ask for help… I have sent a request to lightburn and to Boss with absolutely no luck in response and thought maybe just maybe someone might be able to help. This site is not very user friendly when uploading pictures clearly… but regardless this is what it is supposed to look like.

However that being said I pulled my usb cable from both the machine, and the computer, rebooted my computer, changed my setting from ordered to stucki and made my laser out of focus by 2 clicks meaning moved the material lower by 2 clicks from auto focus and the picture attached is what I got and it is working. Thanks

This is the correct place to get direct help from LightBurn.

I have been responding and did so within an hour of your original post. Not understanding what the expectation was, but I asked for more information than you provided. I also asked if there is a reason for not providing words with this picture and included a post that explains what is needed to provide the best possible support.

We are here to help you. We need to know more that what you provided to do so. That is all. :slight_smile: Glad to hear you got this sorted.

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