Laser stop working

hi to all, I have an eleksmaker A3 firm. 1.1f with endstop, I have a problem, after doing the homing, when I start the “frame” command the laser stops and goes into ALARM: 1 having to redo the connection and homing … same thing if I try to start the scan , after a few seconds the scanning stops in mid-work and the laser disconnects, what can I do? thank you

ALARM 1 is “Hard limit triggered. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden and immediate halt. Re-homing is highly recommended.”

See here:

So it’s either not moving away from the endstops when it homes, or the frame command is sending it back into the endstops when you frame it, which could be from using “Current Position” or “User Origin” mode with the wrong Job Origin setting.

Origin settings:

Check your limit switches wiring - sounds like a ‘phantom trigger’.

Could be an earth, bad connection, worn cable… or electrical interference inducting and triggering the switch.

Are they NC or NO? And did you recently upgrade your firmware?

The limit switches are NO and the firmware 1.1f updated 1 month ago and so far no problem apart from some disconnections and once in a while … I just checked the wiring and re-soldered the GND pin and checked the other two and it’s all good. it work in absolute coordinates.
I tried to move with the pointer and the laser follows all the points without problems. The only problem is the frame function that blocks the run and goes into alarm1 or stops mid-scan when I do not frame.
my settings:



It feels like your switches are triggering, somehow.

NO is not how I would configure them, but it’s a viable method