Laser stopping a few seconds short of the end of the cut

Why does my LM2 stop cutting just a few seconds short of the end of the cutting path. I have run the paths before without any problem but now the cut ends at exactly the same place every time I run it. doing this on ev every program and not specifically at a spot on the laser, just a spot for each program. Alarm3: Reset at step 0

Try to run th very same project with laser head unplugged
Does it Alarm 3 the same?

if not, your power adapte might need replacing

Will try that in a few minutes.

Running without power to the laser made no difference. stopped at the exact location as before

Double check your power adapter is correct for the machine. Should be if you have a OLM2 12v 3amps

This alarm 3 happen at the very same spot on every test?
Do the same happen if you try a different project?

I think that as the program runs, the last of the cut path is buffered to the laser controller and then a “reset” signal is sent out. Unfortunatley, the cut has not finished. Every program that fails does so in the same manner. even running a material test. stops somewhere on the last square of the grid before cutting out the outline.

Using a Toshiba laptop computer running Windows 10

Post please the following
a) Image of your project open in lightburn
b) image of your Edit → device settings
c) upload the project LBRN file if you can

19-MANDALA-08-SVG.lbrn2 (17.3 KB)

do a quick test with Absolute coordinates instead of user position, 1% power so you dont waste material.

You also need a update of firmware to 1.42
if i remember well there was a ltitle bug on 1.40 for vector work but should stop happening in absolute coordinates

These Mandela files all ran before I bought my license, since then i cannot run completely through any of them. They all stop on the perimiter cut anywhere from 1/2 half way around to 2/3 of the way aroound

Where do I get the updated firmware? The site is empty

Ortur redone the website
You might need to get it off their email

however do that IF absolute coordinates fixes the problem Only

Absolute coordinates fixed the problem Thank you. Ill contact Ortur to see if I can get the updated firmware.

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Send me a PM i can send you the zip file i think

I am not sure how to PM you. New to this whole thing and feel like a total novice

sent you one, see if you get it?

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