Laser stopping mid-burn

Image files attached for reference. Genmitsu Jensoku LC-40. Lightburn 1.15.01. Newbie trying to burn bed grid onto plywood underneath laser.

Problem #1: Laser stopped about 4-5 times during the grid burn. Able to restart with the preview window to finally finish.

Problem #2: Cannot burn numbers. Getting some error messages that I’m not able to figure out. Attached the console log and lightburn project file for anybody that wants to take a look.

Laser seems to work fine otherwise on smaller projects as I’ve been able to burn several images and even cut out the hexagon from cardboard.

lightburn grid.lbrn2 (167.4 KB)
New Text Document.txt (1.2 KB)

I would check my USB cable and connection. Seems like a communication problem.

Well, if anyone is interested, problem #1 was due to the “Standard Serial over Bluetooth link” being assigned to the same COM port that my laser was occupying. It was fixed by assigning that to a different COM port.

And problem #2 seems to have been caused by there being a non-zero number in the “Offset” field below the Serial Number setting. When I changed it to zero, everything burned correctly.

Thanks for the update. May help others with similar problem.