Laser stops during burn

I have a Laser Master 2 less than a week old and it fails to finish very often and I have tried multiple usb cables and even different ports. Light burn says it finished and the laser turns off. This same computer and one of the usb cables works fine with my K40 with no issues
Lightburn error

That’s most likely a USB drop, either from a loose connection at the computer or laser, or caused by electrical interference.

It turned out to be a problem with the driver, my first tests with the laser were on my laptop which I installed the drivers specified by Ortur but then I moved it to my studio and the desktop there installed a windows driver I installed the proper driver and the problem seems to have gone away.

que driver usaste para solucionar el problema ?

What driver did you use to solve the problem?

You can get the driver from this link, for windows 10 they say you don’t need it and the windows driver is what you should use but for me it didn’t work so I loaded this one and my problem went away