Laser stops engraving mid job

Laser stops mid job. Already turned OFF power sawing on usb ports and controllers. Don’t know what to do. Sobe jobs engrave ok, then suddenly stops mid same job.

Thank’s for any help!

If you are using an Ortur laser I had same problem. Ortur said they have determined that static builds up and eventually shuts it down. I had to contact Ortur to find this out and they sending a kit to correct the problem. My advice if your is Ortur is to open a ticket with them.

What was in the kit to solve the problem?

mine only starting playing up since the update same as my k40 have never had any half way stopping until other day

I think that’s not the case. I’ve tried to search what error:22 means (as seen on the picture), but no luck.

Error 22 is basically corrupt data, which is usually a communication issue of some kind - electrical interference, poor cable, loose connection, or the above static / grounding issue.

Thank you. I’ll ground all metal parts and make some test and then we’ll see.

Yes that is the instructions for the kit. What light burn answered.

what controller do you use with your K40?
With my Mini-Gerbil, I experience no unexpected stops

I have found several reasons for stopping in the middle of a burn. Then again I have a few unexplained too. My first problem was noise. I was getting feedback through my stops. I corrected most of this with shielded cables and verifying all was grounded. My bigger show stopper was my drivers were over heating. I placed a fan on them and do not to have as many issues stopping in the middle.

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