Laser stops working

Hi there. I have a problem with my Chinese laser VG-L7P BX20, sometomes - quite often - the laser suddenly stops during work. I thought it might be a software issue, thats why I changed the software to lightburn, but I found the same issue here. Can you help?

The most common cause of your type of laser stopping during work is a USB connection issue. Here are some resources to help you address this:

I tried all that already, different cables and also turned off usb so they cant go into a sleep mode.

But what I noticed today using Lightburn that the issue is only when I use FILL option.

Its ok when I use LINE or OFFSET FILL.

Any thoughts?

It could be that the scanning motion of standard Fills is jostling your USB connection in a way the other modes are not, or is producing a static discharge that is resetting your controller. Have you looked into grounding your laser?

I will try that next week, and come back to you. Thanks

What about this, maybe that will help?