Laser tube mounts

I have a blue and white china laser, I upgraded to a 60w tube and made my own tube mounts. I cant seem to find any mounts that are the height that I need… “22mm” from the bottom of the tube to the machine any ideas? 55mm dia tube

Have you looked on thingiverse?


Yeah, And I would… but… I kinda donated my 3d printer to the local Highschool lol

Aliexpress might be an option?

I looked for a long time today, all that I found were to tall

I had the same problem… but when I investegated at the tube I found out that the mounts had some padding between them to better accomodate the 50mm tube.
When I removed some of the padding there was a perfect fit.

No such luck there?

The shortest one I can find is still 20mm to tall…

these aren’t ( I think)

Yes!!! Low profile!! I wonder how long to get to the US? 6 months? :laughing: lol

Not even 6 weeks.

I just got an email from aliexpress stating standard shipping is down have to use china post.

I had the same problem I used the brass ring and mounted the support underneath this way the ring sets flush with the deck.

Well in 3 days my new 3D printer will be here LOL

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