Laser went crazy

Hello I have the ortur master 2 20w fixed focus. I received my laser last week and it was working great until today. Now the power doesn’t change at all if I do a fill on a text with power at 40% it burns lines along the whole thing not adjusting the power. Also when moving from one shape to another it leaves a small line from power not shutting down. When I hit the fire button the laser comes on but will not shut off if I hit it again and doesn’t turn off after it’s done burning or engraving. It has only going worse from the picture. Also I am using lightburn 9.20

Looks like it doesn’t M5 or S0… So it keeps burning till the end…

yes it doesn’t stop just burns same power the whole time. It just leaves the part under the paint and takes off all the paint with no texted.

If you want to tegulate the power it needs M4. And the S should vary from 1 to 254 for lightgrey to black.

If this is a new problem and nothing changed with the software before it started, Check your TTL wire for a break.

I’m having the same issue with my LM2 20w fixed focus. I just received mine 2 weeks ago and has been doing this every time I’ve attempted to burn anything. It keeps the laser on and burning and burning as it travels back to home and keeps firing until I disconnect the power.

Hi, are you using a different cable for both machines or the same one?

You may want to contact @OrturTech. He may be able to help you. It sounds like they had a batch of bad motherboards, and maybe you were one of the unlucky ones. I am very pleased with mine.

This was already addressed, Yes was a bad MCU

I am having the same issue. 20W fixed focus and the laser never turns off. It will return to home and burn a hole at home as well as leave lines everywhere it goes.

I’m having the same issue from a machine I just received 2 days ago. How do we go about getting this fixed??

Thanks I’m advance!!

I had the same issue a week ago, they sent me a new motherboard, took a week to get it, got it tonight worked for 5 min then the laser started acting up again, tested the motherboard, sure enuff burnt again…So now have to deal with ortur again, should just send it back and buy a different brand…Because at this rate sure won’t get any engraving done.

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