Laser will home but not frame or operate

laser will connect to lightburn, and will home when told to. but when you try to fram the project and send project i get an error. tried playing with a few settings and searched for a fix but am stumpped…


G-code motion target exceeds machine travel. Machine position safely retained. Alarm may be unlocked. (Right-click the ‘Devices’ button to reset the connection)

On or near line 3:

Stream completed in 0:00

[MSG:Reset to continue]


Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 Ready!

OLF:OLF 185.



[MSG: Flame detector active,Ambient infrared value:0]

Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]

[MSG:’$H’|’$X’ to unlock]

[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

Let’s dig in a little bit.

Grab a screen shot of the Laser Window so we can see which Start From (coordinate system) and Job Origin you have selected.

Then Open the Console window and enter the following:
Copy and paste those reports back into a reply here.

I’ve seen position errors accumulate in some engravers and the most common cause of this is trying to recover after using a rotary attachment.

A current project that’s out of bounds or close to an edge (or has a tiny dot out of bounds) could throw this error but I haven’t seen it as often in this context.

Having the same issues… Here’s my screenshots…

The only thing that I see that will cause you problems is the Job Origin in the Laser Window is in the Center.

The Ortur homes, so it will go to the corner where the switches are. You may be well served to set the Job Origin as Ortur recommends.

This might be helpful. Skip ahead to 13:10 to see how this project was set up.

If you’re in a huge hurry 20:50 to see the start of the coordinate system discussion.

Can you provide the following please?

  1. full screenshot of LightBurn with Cuts/Layers window showing and problem project loaded
  2. screenshot of Device Settings
  3. save the gcode for a project showing this issue and upload here. Make the extension .txt in order to upload to the forum.