Laser with Lightbrurn line with GRBL dot

I noticed that even if I focus using the program Lightburn from the laser I get a line, thin but still a line, but if I use the program GRBL the laser becomes a dot.
How can I make it so that even with Lightburn the laser is a dot?

I forgot to mention that I have an Ortur Laser Master, the one they call 20w.

Another thing I don’t know is what to choose when I connect Lightburn ala laser, X-Carve and I don’t remember what other choice it gave me.

This is normal as diodes often focus to a line, not a point. You can also try running a ramp test to see if the focus point can be made any smaller or not.

But if it’s normal why do I get a point if I use GRBL?

The software controlling it has nothing to do with the shape of the beam coming from the laser. You might just have LaserGRBL set to a lower power, so the sides of the beam aren’t as visible. If that’s not it, please show pictures of what you mean.

With Lightburn I tried to decrease the power but it always remains a line, thinner but always a line. With GRBL whether I choose a low or high power it always remains a dot.

That looks like the power level in GRBL is just a lot higher, and obscuring the fact that it’s a line. It’s normal for it to be a line. Try increasing the power of the ‘Fire’ button in LightBurn until it’s the same brightness as the GRBL one.

I promise you there is nothing I (or anyone else) can do from the software that will change the shape of your laser output.

Ok I believe you, I had the doubt that it was a software problem because I noticed that depending on the direction of engraving (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) the cut is more or less sharp. Seeing the line instead of the point I thought that if a line runs vertically it makes a certain engraving, if it runs horizontally the same line will make another type of engraving.

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