Laser X axis calibration problem

Hi everyone. I’ve been having problems with my X axis for a while now, and can’t figure out what is causing it. When cutting some large items the measurements are off. For example if i cut something that is 300mm on the X axis i get 301.5mm. I tried calibrating the axis a few times, and it helps for a short period of time but it just reverts back after a while. I did have a little accident when the laser head hit a piece of a cut plywood sticking out, which made the head go to a full stop. I noticed this happening a couple months after this happened. Maybe it is related, maybe not, i’m not sure. The controller is ruida 6445G, the laser path is aligned, and it is only for the X axis, the Y axis is fine.

Anyone has a clue why is this happening?
Thanks in advance.

I would check and insure that all pulleys are tight to the shafts. And resolve anything else that is loose.

Thanks for the suggestion. The belt seems tight, and so does every connection point. Doesen’t seem to be a problem there.

Check the setscrews on the drive pully as well especially the motor side!

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