Lasermaster 2 leaving dots at end of each line

I have a LaserMaster 2 running latest OLF 142 in Lightburn. I am having an issue burning where the laser is leaving a dot when it changes direction at the beginning and ending of each left and right turn on each line. In other words, right at the overscan point it leaves a burn dot. I’ve read through many posts. Is the board going out? I’ve only had it a couple of years and maybe pulled it out three times just to make a few signs around the house. It hasn’t done this until the third sign I am currently trying to make. I also noticed that it lights up every time I use the jog controls to move it. This is also new behavior. If we think it is the board. Can I easily source and replace it?

Likely either controller or laser module itself.

But let’s confirm there’s not a bad GRBL configuration.

Can you run this in Console and return output?


I did that and compared to other topics showing what it should be and all is well there. I have reached out to Ortur Tech and already received a follow up asking for more information. I will report back here once I hear back.

For the record, I sent confirmation of this light being lit amber as well as the following image example showing the burn dots at the overscan turn, as well as the lighter dots in between moves (that end up as light vertical lines).

Also, before this behavior started, it just stopped mid burn 2 times and it had never done that before. Another topic mentioned that the 2amp power supplies often stop supplying 2amps after a while resulting in freezing mid burn and random other inconsistencies. Just in case, I also ordered a 24v 4amp power supply that should consistently make at least the 2amps it tries to draw available. It should arrive tomorrow.

This looks peculiar. What does the original design look like?

I was having the same problem with my LM2 Pro so I replaced mine with a 24v 6amp supply and I haven’t had an issue since. Hopefully you’ll have similar results.

The original design is just a light fill burn of the text on the painted surface, then an offset outline burn of the same text. All of the artifacts outside the boundaries of the text are not supposed to be there.

So in the other Topic mentioned you’re saying the power supply issue can account for both the unexpected artifacts outside the design as well as the misalignment between the fill and outline?

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