Latest Lightburn can´t download the file to the Ruida controller, but 0.9 can

I have file with a few different layers, and when I download them to the Ruida, the file disappears and cant be cut. The same file can be downloaded fine with March 15 version of LightBurn. I use Mac os 11.2.3 Big Sur. I tried multiple times. Sometimes if i remove many parts of the design, it can be downloaded, but I can´t pinpoint one specific error. Hope this can be fixed in future versions. I can provide the file to support/dev people if needed.

This is a known issue with some Macs over USB to Ruida. We are working to resolve. This is worth review.

And a little more…

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Thanks a lot, I will test this version. May I suggest a pop up warning with a notice about this and a “don´t show again” checkbox, that appears everytime you press the download button on a mac/ ruida system? It would really explain a lot of errors i had the past 12 months.

Rick, should I also install the patch “critical patch for your version 1.0.02?”

Yes - we’re trying to figure out a way around the Mac issue, but as far as I can tell, it looks like something is broken in the MacOS driver.

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