Launching lightburn jams the laser engraver

My machine is a creality cv 01 pro laser engraver. Basically i turn on the machine, it beeps, homes and stays there. If i were to open say LaserGRBL it would work just fine. But if i open lightburn, the machine re-homes when the software connects to it, and as soon as it homes to X:0 Y:0 the progres bar appears already stuck at 100%. Nothing i do changes anything, the machine is unresponsive to the software and since it thinks its doing something, i cant send any intructions via lightburn.

As i mentioned earlier, if i were to use LaserGRBL or plug an SD card with the Gcode on it, the machine works. any ideas?

lightburn issues - if you set it up that way - a Home command on connection

Edit → device settings

however is strange that it makes the machine freeze

it should not happen at all
Uncheck to see if you can gain control of lightburn

Then click Home button. Stuck too?

Could you share your Edit → device settings screen
And confirm you are using GRBL device not GRBL LCP or M3?

I have no idea how I didn’t think of this. Thank you very much, it worked perfectly. Although in all my uses of this machine I never had any problems with that option activated. Like you said, it’s very strange. Thank you very much, I regained control of lightburn.

Maybe at some time wher eyou have a bit of testing time you could try to figure it out.
Is odd. also check if your firmware is latest
Aparently latest is a big buggy and Creality is suggesting regressing

new discovery. If i press the home button it locks again :rofl:
How do i check the firmware version?

Type $i in console; Copy paste the full contents after it here



[MSG:Using machine:ESP32S2_V1]


try this thread

EDIT! might be a dif machine
CV30 vs CV1?

I believe when it sends a command, it expects some kind of reply…

My assumption is that it’s sending that command and not receiving the expected reply…

Maybe @JohnJohn has some insight on this as other users may be seeing the same thing.

If you use LaserGRBL and send a home command $H, does it respond ok?

Just curious.


The custom GRBL 1.3 versions have thrown me off before.

I’d be looking for a firmware solution.

I don’t recognize any of the dialogue in the Console window.

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