Lazer shutting off mid burn and not completing burn accurately

Hello there,

I am new, got the laser yesterday and have been unable to do anything yet because it simply will not burn accurately when it does burn and then the other attempts it stops mid burn.

The first thing I set out to burn and do was to calibrate my light burn camera. The image that I am to burn for this calibration has been the extent of my experience with this machine.(I’m almost ready to throw it at the wall) I have tightened and loosened the belts a few dozen times I have checked that the machine is square diagonally and to each corner all perfectly square.

Here are a couple images of my many failed attempts. The one image I ran the exact pattern in consecutive order first run it got through the burn but with inaccuracies. Second burn it stopped about 30 seconds in and third burn it stopped half way. Only thing I did between each burn was move the cardboard nothing else.

I am at a complete loss here, I bought this because of the wonderful reviews and the many users who were able to take it right out of the box assembly quickly and get to work, Unfortunately day 2 probably 6 hours tinkering and I am no closer to a useful test image than before the machine arrived.



This link is often offered in cases like this:

While it might seem flippant, the information YOU provide is the information WE can use to help you.
Net: You’ve provided us with:
It doesn’t work.
A couple of microscopic images of something.
No Lighburn setup information, no test pattern file, no detailed explanation of what you expected and what you got instead.

So, before you throw your system against the wall, take a deep breath, and provide some information that will allow us to help you.

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Sorry I am completely new to all of this. I have no clue how to format the images so that they are much larger for easier viewing.

Macbook air 10.13.6
Lightburn up to date firmware
Lightburn camera alignment pattern

Ortur LM2 20w laser

What I have done is simply place a piece of cardboard within the center of my bed and then ran the camera alignment pattern in lightburn. This is where the laser is completely unable to do this pattern. I did a burn that contained just a square and circle it was able to complete this job however its not the cleanest but I also do not know what to exactly expect from this machine as it is my first experience with it. I attached a photo displaying this again hoping that it comes up as large as it does on my computer.

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 9.19.48 PM



Okay, Good. Thank you. Now we’re getting somewhere.
I think this is the time to recite the mantra, crawl, walk run.

Before you mess with a camera, focus (quite literally) on getting your laser aligned and engraving accurately. Follow the LightBurn guidelines for initial setup:
Make sure your LB Frame matches your bed.
Make sure your beam is focused, properly aligned to your bed, and you can engrave basic shapes (like squares, circles) where you want them on the bed.
Confirm that you can control the laser power and the gantry speed.

The camera alignment pattern requires that all of these be perfect, otherwise there is no hope of alignment.

I don’t use a camera so hopefully others will step in and help you, but do these things first and you’ll get there (without throwing your system against the wall).

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With a little more patience I tackled it before work this morning. Basic squares and circles coming out smooth. I then did a text document it would have been quite smooth just when it traveled from the Y to the L in July it burned while traveling giving a connecting line between letters.

That is a nice piece of Cherry! Hopefully you can plane off the engraving to reuse it.

In any case, post your .lbrn file and we’ll take a look at it. If you can’t upload it (I think you can) then zip it up and upload the zip file.

For this burn I just used the add text option on light burn itself. Once I get home ill try to add it to this post

While at work today, I was able to look up the traveling resolution through these forums I typed $32=1 into the command bar then ran another test burn. As you can see on the second burn of the same date on this cherry was successful. Now after being happy with that result I then decided to attempt to do a fill burn of the same date only thing I changed was I selected “fill”. As you can see in the photo I got the distorted image that I previously was finding with the lightburn image that had sections of filled areas.

It would appear that the laser is making lines/outlining well but when it comes to filling in shapes/text it is having some issues. I hope this is enough information to work with.

Date burn help file.lbrn2|attachment (18.0 KB)

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