LB 1.1.00 Drawing tool Bug Report

I just updated to 1.1.00 and noticed a bug right away. I have updated two of my PCs and confirmed this bug on both. I even downgraded one to 1.0.06 as a sanity check.

Previously, when drawing a line, the shift key would work to make the line horizontal or vertical. This has apparently been broken in 1.1.00 – now when drawing a line with the shift key held, the line appears horizontal/vertical, but when you click the end point, the end of the line shifts to the current cursor position, leaving you with an angled line.

For info I am not experiencing this issue. GRBL/Windows 11

Curious if the issue is restricted to trackpad input as I’ve tested it on both my laptop and my laser PC which has a KB with integrated trackpad. I have LB installed on one other PC, which uses a regular mouse, but I won’t have access to that one until I get to work tomorrow.

I have created a screen recording of the exact same operation in both 1.0.06 and 1.1.00:

1.0.06: LB 1 0 06 - YouTube
1.1.10: LB 1 1 00 - YouTube

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I am using a regular mouse, I don’t have access to test with a track pad at the moment, will try later this afternoon

Apologies, I have tested again and you are correct. Will try on 1.0.06 just to make sure

Have now tried on version 1.0.06 and can confirm this behaviour.

That’s good to know that I’m not just going crazy over here… It’s always good to know others are able to recreate an issue.

I can reproduce the bug on W11 touchpad.

Same issue here. Here’s a quick workaround until a fix is released. Hold shift, draw line, continue to hold shift, hit escape, release escape and left click mouse. Seems to be working so far for me. Using the tool normally seems to place the line wherever your cursor is whether you hold shift or not, if you take your time and make sure the cursor is lined up to the end of the line, it works normally. Hope that makes sense…

no problem here, works as in 1.0.06

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I can also reproduce this behavior and have generated a report for our dev team to investigate further. :slight_smile:

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I think what’s happening is that the object and grid snaps are taking precedence over the horizontal / vertical snap. Working on this now. We’re likely going to be doing a small patch release in the next day or two, so I’ll try to get this fixed up for that.

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Fixed, will be in the update.

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From another post to assist with context for what you are observing.

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Does anyone experiencing this issue also find that drawing a straight line is not possible at all? All of my lines, whether holding shift or not, have a small arc at the start.

Start the line with just one click, release and then move to the next point. I suspect you are holding the click and dragging, which is how you draw an arc. :slight_smile:

Click anywhere on the page to start a line, then move to a new location and click again to finalize the current line at that point. This will continue until you either click back at the starting point of the shape to close it, or click the right mouse button to stop. You can also press the Esc key to cancel the current line.

With one click I start a line. While NOT holding the click, I shorten the line (move mouse closer to the start of the line) it starts to arc. I reverted back to 1.0.6 and this does not happen. It is a bug.

No, not a bug, we added the ability to draw an arc, so it may feel a bit different that your previous use. Holding the mouse button down while dragging is the new action used to arc the line.

To draw a straight line, do exactly as described above. Click Pen Tool, click once, anywhere on the workspace, now move the mouse away and click again. Do not drag with the mouse button pressed. :slight_smile:

If this is not working for you, yes, you can always drop back a release. You can also take a video of what you are observing, host it on YouTube or another service, make public and post a link here for review.