LB 1.7 SwapFix MacOs M1 problema Mr.Carve M1

I am testing the Lightburn 1.7 software with Windows with great satisfaction. But I still use MacOS M1 Sonoma 14.5. Everything works pretty well, the “Mr.Carve M1 Pro” machine is NOT automatically detected but if you do the procedure manually it works perfectly. I gave the configuration files from seacad “ezcad superchinese” and it took them perfectly, but there is a problem. when you have to project the frame and: either you change the type of frame or you close to go back to planning, everything stops in a non-systematic way. the only way to get it to resume is to turn off the laser, or disconnect the USB but at that point LightBurn crashes. It’s really a shame because everything else seems to work fine

up it’s important for me

Are you using the latest beta 1.7 version? (it was last updated April 30th).

If there is a “LightBurn_Crash_Log.txt” file on your desktop, please send it to and include a link to this forum post. If you cannot find the crash log, please turn on the debug mode (Help>Enable Debug Log) and go through the steps that cause the crash, then close LightBurn and look in your Documents folder for LightBurnLog.txt, and send it in to support.

Yes, I am using the beta 1.7, the file named “Swap fix.” Today, after about an hour of work, the same exact problem happened on Windows just twice. So, the projection starts correctly, but when I close it, it suddenly gets stuck in a corner—almost always in the bottom left. Now that I think about it, it’s as if it gives the command to return to home, but this is a fiber laser and the pilot beam is always centered. Could it be an error that sends the command to go to the bottom left? As soon as I can, I’ll send the log. I only have 11 days left of the free license.