LB 9.10 Origin issues

I have Lightburn 0.9.10 running on a Mac. My laser-origin is in the upper left corner of the workspace.
When I add a new shape and send it to the upper left corner with this button: Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-22 um 10.47.21
the XPos or YPos value is sometimes set to “-0.000”. In this case the laser won’t preview and burn the shape.
Also if I manually change XPos or YPos to “0”, the value sometimes automatically changes to “-0.000”. For this reason, some shapes that are located at the edge of the workspace won’t burn.
Is it possible to automatically turn the value “-0.000” into “0.000”

That number is basically a tiny amount of imprecision that is just part of how computers deal with fractional numbers, but I can make the code that checks for out-of-bounds allow a tiny amount of imprecision. We’ve also added a switch that allows that check to be turned of completely.

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