LB Camera setup issues

hi, i purchased the LB 5MP 120 camera an di am trying to get it set up on my laser. i have the OM 60W with ruida controller, running MAC CATALINA and using LB (version .22) as my software. my issue that i have is when trying to do the alignment or calibration setup menus and it asks to capture the image, once i click CAPTURE it does not capture the image or it will grey the button out and just sit there for as long as i am there. even closing the window and attempting to start over it will still be greyed out, i have to close the whole program and start all over. I am able to see the image but not properly set it up for use. i have the bed covered with brown cardboard. i do have LED lights inside my bed area but whether they are on or off makes no difference in my attempts. camera is mounted directly above the bed on the LID, ive even tried to bring the DOT sheet closer to camera, and still no progress

There have been issues reported and confirmed with Big Sur and the camera system used by LightBurn. We are working to understand and address this issue, but this will take some time to sort. No reports using the earlier macOS version with LightBurn and the camera setup.

by mistake i do not have the latest MAC OS. i am on catalina and LB version .22

Try with 0.9.24 and see if that helps? Catalina hasn’t been an issue with the non-Big Sur version of LightBurn, to my knowledge.

does .24 have the issue resolved with sending files to laser issue. i updated it last week to latest then and it would not start my project cut. so had to downgrade to other version

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