LB Camera Setup on Mac

Finally, I’m getting a chance to mount my LB camera. When initially enabling Camera Control on my OSX El Capitan, only my iSight built-in was showing in the drop down list. Your camera name may appear different for newer models (e.g. FaceTime or FaceTime HD).

After a little digging, I found this helpful article which resolved my issue by sending a command to stop VDCAssistant temporarily. I have to do this every time I connect the camera, so wanted to share in case any other Mac users come across the same issue.

Thanks, Starla - I hadn’t see this before.

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Ligthburn Camera shows up every time for me. Only issue I have is that the scaling is not 100% accurate. Ive tried playing with the sizing and x & y ±. I can get it close but its def not dead on. Ive done the set up a few times as well. The video (once I found it) was very helpful.

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I had to remove the camera to loosen the glue to manually focus the lens after initially getting it set up (found the discussion after the fact).

I’ve run the calibration process a handful of times playing with different mount options/angles previously and wanted to do it again since remounting it. However, now I’m getting the following prompt every time I try to run it again. It kept my prior settings, so I can use the camera as is, but it’s still slightly off and I wanted to try again. Any ideas what could cause this? I appreciate any help!

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@Skutah I got it dialed in very close also. It’s workable as-is and it will make my life so much easier. Loving it so far!

Two things: 1) you’re holding the card at a fairly extreme angle - it should be directly facing the camera, parallel to the lens. 2) Is that the LightBurn camera? it should be capturing much higher than 1280 x 720.

This was more to show the prompt on the screen. Any angle I try, it’s not recognizing the pattern any longer. Yes, this is the LB camera. I had to focus it considerably more than expected to get a crisper image.

The pattern from the honeycomb bed can be one cause of this error. Cover it up with a pattern-less covering and it should work fine. A trashbag that was brand new (thus still flat and unwrinkled) stopped that problem for me.


Thanks, Doug! I’ll try this. It ran a handful of times prior without any issue. I’ll report back to see if this helps. Appreciate the input!

Voilà, it worked! I guess running the calibration while the camera was that far out of focus, it could differentiate between the circles and the honeycomb. After focusing, it never found the pattern. I tried a white trash bag, folded up and placed on the bed, then placed the card… You rock @Doug!

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So when we are using the pattern we should be placing it on the bed for the proper distancing and focus? It shows on the example photos of someone holding the pattern.

I had to break the seal on the lens to be able to focus it, so it was done outside of the mount. I placed letter patterns on the bed (not shown) to get the focus dialed in before calibrating again, holding the camera at approximately the height it would be mounted. The letters made it easier to determine when the lens was getting a clearer picture. For the camera calibration, I followed the angles in the prompt pics. These images were just to show the pattern not being recognized and then getting detected after adding a contrasting background to the bed (I realize they are not good example pics). I was able to successfully run calibration again afterwards. Just be sure to remove the bag before running alignment… :wink:

Here’s the recommendation from Doug about using text for focusing: Simple Aid For Focusing The Camera

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Scott - Notice the image above the camera view, specifically this one:

The green check mark is trying to show that you have to hold the card image perfectly facing the camera. I talk about this in the walkthrough video as well. The card in the little sample image is being held up because the camera is looking at an angle, so the card has to be lifted to face it. If you camera points straight down, and the card fills enough of the view, you could leave it on the bed.

See here, at about 3:55 in:

Thank you. I’ll get on it soon. Running some jobs at the moment