LB Housing/Camera Mount (3D Printer Needed)

I found this on Thingiverse and printed it out. I REALLY like it as it has mounting holes (Need drilled out) and you can rotate the housing within the legs of needed to get the alignment perfect and it is friction fit so it will not turn on its own. You can add a dollop of hot glue when setup is complete to lock it in place.


Thanks for the share! I have a 3D printer as well, and was thinking about how start my design.

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You might check with these guys to see if they built it, and if so, how they like it:

If you don’t want to wait for a 3D print to finish and you have some 3 mm acrylic, Chris’ design has a nice built in swivel:

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Shapeways online are a well known 3d printing outsource company, you choose the design or upload one and they print it in a number of your ways to your budget.