LB issues with Rotary Roller tool. help please

i just got this rotary roller:
assembling was easy and connection to LB seems to be fine.
when i click on Home, X axis works as normal. it stops when it hits my limit switch as before. good.
for Y axis, it spins forever and finally stops on its own because it passed the 400mm limit set in the laser settings.

roller diameter is 20.2mm so i filled this section out

when i do Material Test
i get error:

if i try to move the laser head, i get same error

and obviously, i cant even engrave my artwork

your help is greatly appreciated!

I’ll try and explain what is happening… I don’t have one of these I use on grbl, so bear with me…

The home issue is because you have disabled the Y axes (whichever one you swapped out for the rotary). The switches are physically located at one corner and on the gantry.

When it tries to complete a home function, it fails to find the switch, it’s spinning the rotary instead of moving the gantry to hit the switch…

You will probably have to disable homing or be creative…

Keep in mind that the rotary is just a circular Y axes. If you drive your machine out of the work area it will generate an error. Same thing happens on the rotary… it isn’t infinite as many would wish.

Did you follow the setup guide?

Good luck


Because the rotary has no home switch, you must disable GRBL’s homing, turn off LightBurn’s automatic homing, and never initiate a manual home.

Setting $22=0 does the trick for GRBL.

For LightBurn, proceed as if the machine does not have homing switches.

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