LB locking up and Not Responding

I have been having an issue for a while with LB locking up. Sometimes an End Task through task manager works, other times a full restart is required. It has happened with 9.17 and 9.18.
Computer is a brand new Lenovo ThinkPad, i7-9850H. It runs SolidWorks, CamWorks and everything else flawlessly.
The issue appears most often when I Open a folder. And always right wen the folder pop up box opens. The header goes great and locks up.

I have recently found that when it happens I am able to click the LB image on the start bar, another LB image appears and I’m able to close ‘task.’ At which point The LB software usually, but not always, bounces back to normal.

Thanks for any insight!

LBFileDialog is the child application that LightBurn launches to open files so that if a badly written preview tool crashes, it doesn’t take LightBurn with it.

Try this: In C:\Program Files\LightBurn look for ‘LBFileDialog.exe’ and rename it (just add .bak to the name). That will cause LightBurn to fall back to the internal dialog that doesn’t provide the crash protection.

I’d be very curious to know why this is failing though - It’s a very simply application. Can you go to Help > Generate Support Data, then open a Notepad, click ‘Paste’, save that to a file, and email it to with a link to this thread? I have heard of one, maybe two other people who’ve had an issue with this, and never once been able to re-create it.

Thank Oz for the response.
I will try the rename.

I will send a report of the current open application. Not sure if that will offer you any information but I’ll be sure to send another when I have the issue again.

The most recent export, import, and project paths are both pointing to a OneDrive folder. It’s possible that’s interfering - I can’t imagine why, but that’s the first thing that stood out.

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