LB not saving last project settings

I used to be able to import an svg (with RED cut lines) to cut and my same settings that I used for the previous svg that I cut were brought in as well (12.5/20). I dont know if it was after my recent upgrade or after I ran a fill test card last week that it changed and now everytime I import an svg with red lines it changes to 250/80 for c02. how do I fix this and get it back to using the settings from the previous cut? I’m using an 80W OMTech on Win 10 with Ruida controller if that matters.

I’ll try both before and after the fill test card if you’d like to share your files here.
If they don’t upload add a .txt file extension on the end.

I’m sorry, but how will that help? I want LB to save my last project settings, and not the fill test card settings. I’ve cut several projects since then, but I have to change the settings from 250/80 each time to 12.5/20

What is the status of this switch in Settings?

If I load your file I can see if it’s getting cut settings from my instance or history of LightBurn or if it will draw on the default that I set locally, or if default cut/layers settings changed because of the fill test card.

In any event, once you have settings you like, you can make them default how you prefer. Oz explains how it all works here:

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thanks so much for assisting. I reloaded a previous preference from the preference folder backups from prior to the fill test card and all is well in my kingdom again.


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