LB supports Autofeeding Laser?

machine autofeeding feature


Actually I’m using RDworks in my autofeeding laser ruida machine and I am looking for start using LB.

This feature (autofeeding) is indispensable for my daily work, but I dont see much information about compatibility of LB with this option.

LB works with autofeeding ruida machines?


Announced May 31, 2020, with the 0.9.12 release.

  • Feed table (U axis) support has been added for Ruida controllers

We do plan to provide more documentation, just haven’t yet. :slight_smile:

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Well, after several atemps I cannot setup properly the autofeeding.

I actually use RDWORKS but this software has several limitations and in large files and I been presenting lost of information or cutting in wrong places.

the problem in the setup is as follow:
In RDW, my machine cuts the cutting area once each time. the cutting area is 1600mmx1000mm;

for a desing of, for example, 1500mm x 2700mm:
A. the machine cuts the first cutting area (1600mmx1000mm, the bed size)
B. move the autofeeding bed 1000mm forward
C. cuts the second cutting area (1600mmx1000mm, the bed size)
D. move the autofeeding bed 1000mm forward
E. cuts the third and last cutting area (1600mmx1000mm), completing the 2700mm

In LB happens:

same design, 1500mm x 2700mm:
The machine asumes the bed lenght is infinite and cut the 2700mmm moving the bed back and forward for complete the desing. that tecnique lost presition in the cutting affecting the dimensional accuracy.

how setup propperly the LR to make cuts one area at the time.???


this is my RDW config

Can you tell me which version of RDWorks you’re using? I haven’t seen this before, but I haven’t used RDW in some time.

We do have code for slicing jobs into sections already (for the upcoming galvo release), so I’d just need to figure out if there are special commands in the controller to support job partitioning, or if it’s being run as multiple jobs on sequence.

It’s not supported now, but could be done.


Thank you for your reply.

Rdw v. 8. 01.60

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