LB unable to discover new GRBL (NEJE) laser on USBc to USBa adapter, or other adapters

NEJE works fine on this MBpro 16, but LB won’t discover the LM 2s?
When it goes to discover, I can hear the steppers begin to mumble, which they keep doing until I disconnect after minutes of waiting.

I see that there has been a problem with BigSur and LB in the past, but assumed that was resolved.

Unable to discover the NEJE laser in W10 from standard USB. I realize that the LM2s is piddly compared to the big guys, but I do see you tubes of people using LB with the NEJE, so I am baffled. It definitely doesn’t make sense to manually enter and risk busting it.

And why are you making this assumption?

You can add this laser manually, without issue.

Thank you. I understand … GRBL, suppose x=255mm, y=440mm, and no auto home, but LB seems so capable that this popular starter laser would be natively identified … which makes me wonder if there is a problem somewhere else that I need hep solving.

When I click to find, you can hear the steppers, but nothing after. I am assuming that LB 0.9.2 would then say device not recognized or … which would then prompt me to go manual. No spinning activity icon or anything, so I initially though it was looking through a database of configs, but no.

If you search this forum for “NEJE laser” you will see many posts about how to setup and have LightBurn work with your system.

And there is a representative from NEJE Laser who hangs out in here, responding to issues with this gear. @NEJE_Laser, any feedback for this you could provide?

Thank you so much. I tried to search before posting, but must not have used the right word combinations.

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