Lead in out direction changes when items removed or added

Can we get the Lead in and out starting point to start in the center of a star shape instead of it randomly choosing where it wants to start from and crossing over another part of the star while starting the cut. I am having to reset them everytime I add or remove an item and the head is coming from someplace else during the cut sequence. It has cost me multiple items as it seams to pick a random point and just start cutting the lead in. I do not have this problem on my plasma cutter with Sheet Cam. Surely there is a way. I have my values set at -90deg so it will start at inside of circle or star shape (90 deg to the cut line) (circles this works fine on) but stars or other complex shapes, not so much. Is there a way to fix this? I have even taken the exact same star with the correctly placed lead in and it changes it if you move it to someplace else and may crossover your design while leading in. Last what does the blue arrow mean because it seems to be a bit of a mystery other than direction of travel on the actual cut. In second pic I fixed the one upper rt stars lead in but now the upper lft stars lead in is crossing over…this is what im talking about, its like chasing wild cats.

re. LB’s UI and logic for leadins and toolpath preview, ditto. I’m pretty sure they are aware of that and it’s on the “list” of needed improvements. Your graphic use case makes a great argument to bump the priority of improvements.

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