Lens Calibration Wizard Crash

Hello, i have been trying to install my lighbutn camera after having it in a box for a few months. Every time i try the lens calibration wizard the software crashes. Im using 1.5.06 and it did the same with 1.4.05.

Windows 11 - Lightburn.exe has stopped working.

No crash data seen to upload

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While I know this does not sort what you are experiencing, I am not finding the same. If willing, please describe the exact steps taken, and when, during the process, things become unresponsive. We will then use this information to attempt to reproduce here.

Which camera are you using and how is it connected? Please provide as much detail as possible to help us “see” what is, or is not, happening on your side. :slight_smile:

Hello Rick,

I will try and do a screen recording or something.

Its the 8mp 85° lightburn camera from the shop.

Plugged into a USB port on the laptop using the supplied cable.

I open lightburn, all works well, I open Lens Calibration Wizard, it shows 3 options (Nons, ASus 3mp Webcam, Lightburn Camera)

I click anywhere in the box, it whites out and then comes up with the Lightburn.exe has stopped working, wait for program or end process.

I will upload a video or some pictures as soon as i can.

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So I can’t upload the video as the file format is not supported, so here is a snip

Thank you for these further details. Yes, we don’t directly allow uploads of video content, but you can use a video hosting service like YouTube or the like, mark it Public, then share the link here. That works a treat for sharing videos of what you are observing. :slight_smile:

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